All counties that have adapted the new Minnesota Subsurface Sewage Treatment (SSTS) code now require a Management Plan with any new system installations. We are proud to say that we had some input in the early stages of the Management Plan. We worked with the MPCA  and U OF M in developing this plan a few years back.

In Mcleod County a Management plan is required also when a Compliant Inspection is done.
In many cases unfortunately when a new SSTS is installed that is the last you will see of the Installer. Many times it's because they don't carry the license to do Management and Maintenance type work or they don't have the tools to do it. BUT WE DO.

Mid MN Septic Services can draw up a management plan and determine a maintenance schedule for your system. Not all systems are the same, just as not all families use is the same.


I'll put in a good word on your behalf whenever the opportunity presents itself!  You're a professional".
                                                                                                                                    R. H.
"Thanks--good job!"    M. R.

"Thanks again for your kindness--you and your neat machine saved me hours of work!!"  B. L.

"Thanks for the great work!"   S. M.

"Thank you for your professional sevices.  We are very grateful that you were able to complete the job before the cold weather set in.  We didn't realize what a negative impact the septic problem had on our everyday lives."     J. G.

"Tom, the renter, called after you called back this afternoon.  He was very complimentary on how the crew cleaned up and put the yard back in order.  He mentioned that your crew even "cleaned up" some of the mess left by the well drilling crew.  I thought you should hear the compliments as I'm sure you probably hear complaints as well.  At any rate, I wanted to share the kudos with you and your crew."     B.S.

"Thank you very much--it was greatly appreciated.  We'll call you to empty around June 1st and November 1st to avoid a winter trip".  L.W.

"Thank you for your quick service.  We have always been happy with you!"  M.T.

"Thank you for your prompt service and for coming on a Saturday."  M.E.

"Thank you Bob for always coming out to our house whenever we call.  We really appreciate it!"  J & T V


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