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Directional Boring Experts

Would you like to lay underground pipes, conduits, or cables – without disturbing the landscaping or natural environment above them? Then you want directional boring, and preferably from an expert who has specialized in the technique for many years.

Count On Us

When traditional trenching and excavation are unavailable options, you can count on Mid MN Septic System’s methodical approach to directional boring to complete any construction or renovation project. We thoroughly study the scope of work as well as the land before drilling the initial pilot hole, making certain the process will go correctly on the first bore. We then enlarge that pilot hole to the precise width called for by the project (up to 12″ in diameter) and finally lay the pipe in your place so that we or your team may complete the installation.


We can work with any type of pipe including PVC, steel, and iron, and we can complete your directional boring project in almost any type of soil.

Diverse Applications

Mid MN Septic System has offered high-quality directional boring solutions for a number of diverse applications including:

  • Electrical lines
  • Water lines
  • Drainage lines
  • Geothermal ground loops
  • And more

“Thanks for the great work!” – S.M.

“Put in a mound system and got it done in time.” – T.R.

Please call us today so we may better explain how our proven approach to directional boring will create value for your project!