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Septic System Services and Inspections

Our experience, expertise, and long-standing commitment to performing quality work have made us one of Central Minnesota’s leading solutions for all septic tank services.

We also offer thorough inspections which will identify current problems with your septic system as well as ones which may potentially arise in the future.


We offer every service a septic system needs in order to function correctly. These include regular pumping with the aid of our septic tank truck, cost-effective repairs whenever they are possible, complete replacement of a malfunctioning septic system, and installation of a new system which we have custom designed for the property. We additionally offer directional boring for a range of construction and renovation projects.

Our services include:
  • Effluent pumps
  • Pump and alarm float switches and alarm boxes
  • Sump pumps
  • Sewage ejector pumps
  • Riser ring installations
  • Effluent filter installation, cleaning, and repair

Have you noticed that water is backing up in your toilet, sink, or bathtub, or that they are draining too slowly? Have bad odors begun to emanate from your septic tank or its drain field? These and many other signs may indicate that your septic system is in immediate need of repair. Trust us to identify the roots of these problems, or welcome us to carry out routine inspections of your septic system to prevent problems before they can occur.


“Thank you for your quick service. We have always been happy with you!” – M.T.

“Thank you for your prompt service and for coming on a Saturday.” – M.E.

Does your property have a septic tank? Then you need our services. Please call Mid MN Septic today!