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Septic Pumping and Repair Services

Whether you wish to repair, maintain, or pump your septic system – or are preparing your property for sale – Mid MN Septic Services offers everything you need.

Pumping & Tank Maintenance

You must have your septic tank professionally pumped every three to five years to avoid costly damage to your septic system and your property. But we do much more to keep a septic system functional than regularly empty it. We additionally make all necessary adjustments to the alarm or pump float, clean the effluent filter, remove intrusive roots and inspect the tank baffles whenever possible, and assess the area for leaks, gopher holes, and other potential problems. We will also prepare a management plan to prevent future issues with your system at no extra charge.

Repair & Replacement

We are frequently called upon to repair septic systems. Whenever repair is possible, we ensure our client receives the most cost-effective solution – never the cheapest. And when total replacement of the septic system is warranted, we design and install the ideal solution for the property.

Multi-Flo Maintenance & Management Program

Does your property have a Multi-Flo wastewater treatment system? We are standing by to perform its semi-annual inspection, clean its treatment plant, replace its filter when necessary, collect samples for lab analysis, and file all necessary reports with your county office.


“Thank you for your professional services. We are very grateful that you were able to complete the job before the cold weather set in. We didn’t realize what a negative impact the septic problem had on our everyday lives.” – J. G.

“Tom, the renter, called after you called back this afternoon. He was very complimentary on how the crew cleaned up and put the yard back in order. He mentioned that your crew even ‘cleaned up’ some of the mess left by the well drilling crew. I thought you should hear the compliments, as I’m sure you probably hear complaints as well. At any rate, I wanted to share the kudos with you and your crew.” – B.S

Your septic system is too important to entrust to less capable hands – call Mid MN Septic today!